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The Documented Process During 2016
the GSN
The process of 'discovery' that got us to where we are today. And how we'll ensure we reach the aims of Goal 8 by 2030
1. The Lambeth Palace Sessions
14th December 2015

Global Sustainability Network. (GSN)

Tackling Climate Change, Slavery And Sustainability

2. The Vatican Sessions
March 18th 2016

The Global Sustainability Network Forum

As an example the Californian Transparency Law & Supply Chain Act has never had one single enforcement! Create awareness. Mobilize civil society. Recognising the global problem not just one from the developing countries. Mobilize the leaders - reward them and praise them if they act, shame them if they don't

3. The Westminster Abbey Sessions
21st May 2016

The Global Sustainability Network

Go To The First Meeting: Go To The Second Meeting: "The room was packed full of people with very specific expertise, some already developing ideas for initiatives, some with initiatives already launched." A Reference To Goal 8 "How can we all work collaboratively to accomplish Goal 8 by 2030 - by adopting and expanding the existing great initiatives - and by launching more that unites the world towards achieving this common goal?"

4. The United Nations Sessions. New York
28th September 2016

The Global Sustainability Network

The United Nations, New York. September 28th 2016 The day itself added more richness and rigour to the steadily building context from the three preceding sessions.

5. The Dubai Sessions. United Arab Emirates
6th/7th December 2016

The Global Sustainabilty Network

Working in groups to make sense and bring some order to all the collaboration that will be required. Simplifying Our Aim Through These Four Drive Our Strategy To Achieve The Overall Aim Of Goal 8 Full and Productive Employment Sustainable Economic Development Respecting Human Rights and Dignity Global Resource Efficiency We are sensitive to the challenge of addressing each one while making sure that any initiative takes as holistic approach as possible.


The GSN Strategic Focus

The Faith Team Started The Read Outs: Faith leaders initiated this process - the one that we are now all a part of. Faith is the one force that can really unite people across the globe to make the changes we are seeking.


The GSN Strategy Session

The 6th & 7th December 2016. Dubai. United Arab Emirates The Strategy Session Was Held Over 2 Days & Across 2 Venues - The Palazzo Versace and The Site Of The Dubai Expo2020. This week was the fourth round of stakeholder meetings to take place through 2015/16. It was the final opportunity for general conversation and input.

Putting It All Into Context
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